SmartFrame Design Software vs. the competition

We spoke to Glenn – a long time user of Hyne Design who has recently transitioned over to SmartFrame Design software and wishes he could have his last 10 years over again.  He cannot believe how superior SmartFrame Design is!

Most notably:

  • The ease with which you can do complicated designs with great confidence.
  • The time saved in doing complicated designs is incredible.
  • The way the design is drawn and can be printed – Removes any doubt to the certifier the design has been done correctly.
  • Designing members like a floor joist with two different loads / coverings is done with ease.
  • The simplicity of the design software makes it easy to return back to the job months later and not be left scratching your head second guessing your calculations.

As Glenn notes “If you are a new entry level user to Hyne (Design) – you are limited to simple designs.” The SmartFrame Design software allows you to access far more complicated designs without the need to apply for permission or pay.

For example: to perform the design shown below in the Hyne software, you would have to first design the bearer, secondly add the lower roof loads from a previous design, then add in the window point loads. “To do a design like below, you would need to have two coffees, no interruptions and be very confident (you knew) what you were doing! “Try something like this (in SmartFrame Design) and you’ll quickly see the benefit of the time saved!”

Glenn also likes the fact you have the picture in front of you which gives you great confidence in where you are placing the loads. It also makes returning to a job after long delays (a task everyone can relate to) a lot easier.

“The picture says it all, I could leave a SmartFrame design for years
and pick it up and know straight away what I had allowed for.
Design in Hyne I’d be likely to start over, because that confidence wouldn’t be there.”


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