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Pine products are graded in various ways, depending upon their end usage. Broadly speaking, there are two types of pine products:

  1. Appearance Products. These are products used in applications where visual characteristics are most important e.g. lining boards, cladding, flooring, etc.
  2. Structural Products. These products are used in structural applications where strength and stiffness characteristics are most important e.g. house framing.

In some cases a particular product may need to meet appearance as well as structural criteria, e.g. exposed beams or flooring.

Timber Grading

There are three common methods of grading currently used in Australia:

  1. Visual Grading involves the manual examination of a piece of timber and its assessment against a set of criteria. There are limits on characteristics such as knot size, slope of grain etc. Visual grading can be used for appearance as well as structural timber.
  2. Mechanical Load Stress Grading is used for grading structural timber. The timber is fed through a machine that applies a load through a roller. The stiffness of the piece is determined based on its detection and a grade assigned.
  3. Non-contact Grading Machines use X-ray, acoustic and laser scanning technologies to look inside the timber to measure density, knot size and location, sloping and spiral grain etc. and assign a grade.

Sustainable Timber Products

Globally there exists two major certification bodies that coexist with the express aim of verifying and certifying sustainably managed timber resources and ensures that sustainable timber that is branded as such holds validity in terms of the claims made. We are happy to report that FrameSmart products are sourced from certified plantations and we are able to provide, upon request, chain of custody validated pine framing products.

The Complete Package

Tilling can not only supply you with all of your Engineered Wood Product requirements, we can also supply you with Pine Framing materials. Tilling has a comprehensive range of pine framing products for use in domestic, semi-commercial and commercial building and constructions environments.

Tilling also provide a “Dock-to-Length” service for studs, allowing convenience of installation on site through a reduction in preparation time. This service is only available in select locations, please consult with your local sales representative for further details.

Tilling source and supply only from environmentally responsible, sustainable, plantation forests across the globe. FrameSmart is not only a brand, however a commitment to our customers that we are all contributing to support world’s best practice in building and construction.

Termite Treatment Options

Unfortunately Australia’s termite problem continues to grow from year to year. Termites are a major contributor to the degradation of structural support materials in our homes. Including the European House Borer (EHB) which is a serious pest of untreated dry softwood, including pinewood, particularly in Western Australia. Without appropriate action, EHB has the potential to infest homes built with untreated pinewood structural timber. FrameSmart pine framing products have the option of being treated with SmartGuard. SmartGuard termite treatments assist in protecting your building, speak to our friendly customer service team to find out more regarding treatment options, call 1300 668 690.

25 Year Guarantee

Tilling provides a fully transferable ‘25 year guarantee’ on all SmartGuard treated pine framing products. This provides you with the reassurance that the product you purchase will withstand an attack from Termites and European House Borer for a period of 25 years from the date of supply. Terms and conditions apply and are available upon request via our technical support line, 1300 668 690.

Chain of Custody

FrameSmart products are certified by a chain of custody on selected items.

Chain of Custody (CoC) tracks the path taken by a forest product from its origin in a certified forest, right through to its end use by the consumer.

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