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REMEMBER….. Timber is a unique material – one made by nature, not by man.

Much of timbers’ warmth and beauty is derived from its distinctive appearance, and specific characteristics naturally developed during the growth cycle. Because it has a cellular structure, even kiln seasoned timber will respond slightly, exhibiting minor dimensional movement, over Australia’s diverse range of seasonal climatic conditions.

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In order to ensure a satisfactory installation of Tilling Timber interior lining, the following points should be observed.

Storing On Site

Lining should be stored in a dry, protected area. If stored on unsealed ground, place lining packs on bearers to give a minimum 200mm above ground clearance until ready for use.


All Tilling Timber interior linings are kiln seasoned to an “Equilibrium Moisture Content” not greater than 15% and no less than 8%. The lining boards are sold shrink wrapped to ensure protection during delivery and prevent moisture uptake. As each installation varies slightly from the next, it is advisable to allow the lining boards to acclimatise to their new environment.
To do this remove the plastic wrapping and separate the boards so that they have free air flow on both sides and leave on site for 24-48 hours before installation.

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