Design Guides

Welcome to the SmartFrame Design Guide section of the Tilling Timber website.

This page contains our current and up-to-date Design Guides and Installation manuals for all SmartFrame products.

If you are looking for span tables or load tables please refer to the relevant product’s Design Guide. Our Design Guides assist in the selection of various Tilling products for most of the common structural arrangements met in domestic construction. Methods of developing lateral restraint and providing adequate support, adequate anchorage against wind uplift, and overall structural stability are outside the scope of these publications. Information on the above matters can be obtained from Australian Standards or from a structural engineer experienced in timber construction.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, Tilling Timber Pty Ltd have structural engineers at the SmartFrame Design Centre, who can be contacted for advice on all matters concerning the use of its engineered timber products in timber construction. Please contact us via email at or via the Tech Support Helpline 1300 668 690.


All load tables in these documents are designed using in-grade tested properties of the various materials distributed by Tilling Timber Pty Ltd. Other manufacturers’ may have different properties and therefore cannot be designed using these span tables.


Copyright of this publication remains the property of Tilling Timber Pty Ltd, and reproduction of the whole or part of this publication without written permission from Tilling Timber Pty Ltd is prohibited.