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We wish to certify that the Tilling Timber’s Software Development Quality Assurance Manual, April 2015 has been prepared in accordance with the Australian Building Codes Board’s Protocol for Structural Software Version 2011.1.

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Release Date: 20th of Dec 2016

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Caution: Please ensure all SmartFrame® software already installed on your computer is shut down, prior to installing Version 14.01

This program requires a unique product key and registration in order to function. The software contains instructions to register your copy. There are several ways to register your copy.

  1. Fax Registration – When prompted in the set-up of the software you will have an option for a fax back form. Simply print the form out, complete all relevant details and fax back to Tilling on 1300 668 650.
  2. Via Email – When prompted by the set-up please click email registration and complete all required fields.

If you require assistance in setting up your software please contact us on (03) 9726 2198.

Smartframe Design Software


We do not support Mac OS. However, with the recent release of Snow Leopard from Apple there is a program named Boot Camp that may provide a solution. Boot Camp is software included with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard that lets you run compatible versions of Microsoft Windows on an Intel-based Mac.

A further option exists in purchasing a program named Parellels. Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac provides the complete suite of essentials to run Windows on Mac the easy, fast and powerful way.


Standard Software Features Include:


This is an ever expanding development in engineering software. A simple, yet outstandingly precise floor joist layout system designs the joists and floor beams as they are drawn. Industry first “interoperability” means that SmartFrame Take-off directly imports data from Mitek, Multinail and Pryda truss and frame software, and imports from CAD drawings.

Then, at the push of a button, a fully detailed full colour layout and quantity take off is produced before your eyes. Take off has now become so sophisticated that it allows full load path analysis for accedited users.


This module is a full engineering analysis routine, but set out in such a way that any user who can competently use span tables can easily get quick, accurate answers from the software. No other software package offers this level of sophistication in combination with ease of use. SmartJoist Details
Relevant construction details from an interactive graphics screen showing the general floor or roof layout, can be viewed or printed out to accompany any other documentation. Building Designers can import these details to their drawings to provide explicit construction details along with their layout drawings.


All the appropriate joist hangers appear as interactive graphics, with the user able to select and assign the relevant bracket to any member designed.


This module allows the user to calculate the racking loads upon residential buildings as per the method shown in AS 1684.


This module allows the user to nominate the correct tie-down requirements for building components as per AS 1684.


The user is able to access a variety of print options from joist and beam layouts, computations of individual members, graphics of connection details to schedules of members/brackets and a certification page.


Achieving the best possible result from using the SmartFrame software package.Tilling offer a comprehensive training program to the industry to support you and your organisation in


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