Two New Tilling SmartFrame Product Innovations

Tilling SmartFrame continue to innovate in structural Engineered Wood Products, with two new products designed to complement and expand our 300mm range of SmartJoist.

The first is our SJ255 set-down joist. Increasingly, builders want to continue tiles across the bathroom floor into the shower area, so a set-down and screed detail is needed. The SmartFrame Design Center have been detailing set-downs with our current range for some years, but it is complicated and relatively expensive (lots of brackets, blocking etc). The SJ255 simplifies assembly and is more economical, so a superior bathroom finish can be achieved with easy assembly of the floor structure, and lower cost than previous details. The SJ255 set-down joist creates a 45mm step in the floor; whether it’s just for the shower enclosure, or for an entire wet area. The SJ255’s high strength web and long spans allow greater design flexibility for builders than ever before. Like all other SmartJoists, we can provide pre-cut penetrations in the SJ255 for plumbing and other services. For more information on the SJ25570 Set-Down Joist see HERE.

The second innovation is our SpanPlus SP30095 Joist, which is the strongest and longest- spanning 300mm I-joist on the market. Often, builders are faced with the situation where a single large open span in an upstairs floor system means a higher cost of expensive fabricated structural steel, or to increase the height of the entire floor system up to 360mm or 400mm, which adds cost to all floor members, no matter how small the span. The SP30095 enables greater spans, loads and general performance where called for, but still enables the economy provided by the SJ30090, SJ30070, SJ30051 and the SJ30040 for the smaller span requirements in the construction. For more information on the SP30095 Span PlusJoist see HERE.

The SmartFrame Design Centre is now designing these products in our floor systems, and stock is available in all states. Our SJ255 Set-down Joist and SpanPlus SP30095 Joist are new innovations brought to you by Tilling SmartFrame, the innovators in Engineered Wood Products for Australia. To find out more about these latest innovation from SmartFrame, call our Technical Helpline on 1300 668 690 or speak to your local SmartFrame representative.

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