New – SmartFrame V14.04 Released

The latest update of SmartFrame Design Software has been released.

SmartFrame Design Software is an intuitive and easy to use design software for light-weight timber construction, with features including…

  • Easy design of complicated loads with great confidence.
  • Time savings on complicated designs.
  • Printing of drawn designs – removes any doubt to the certifier the design has been done correctly.
  • Easy design of members like a floor joist with two different loads / coverings.
  • Simplicity  – which makes it easy to return to a job months later.

The SmartFrame Design Software is wholey owned and maintained by the Tilling Group, ensuring you are always kept up to date with any changes to the Building Codes and additions to the SmartFrame range of Engineered Wood Products.

Changes and additions to the latest version 14.04 include:

1) General updates & operational improvements to the Takeoff & Quickdesign module.

2) Minor bug fixes to the Takeoff module.

3) Additions to timber material list

  • 45mm & 65mm wide SmartLVL19
  • T267bL15 TecBeam (255mm deep x 70mm wide), T409bL15 TecBeam & T409cL15 TecBeam (400mm deep x 85mm wide)
  • 50mm, 60mm & 80mm wide SmartLam GL17S to the WA profile
  • 65mm, 85mm & 115mm wide SmartLam GL18S to the SA profile
  • 42mm, 58mm & 75mm wide SmartSplay to the WA profile

4) Additions to the design model list

  • Window sill trimmer
  • Wind beam over an opening
  • Jamb stud supporting single/upper storey lintel with TGT point load.
  • Single/upper storey lintel supporting TGT & GT carrying standard trusses.
  • Single/upper storey lintel supporting GT carrying standard trusses.
  • Lower storey lintels supporting floor loads only.
  • Intermediate floor bearer supporting 3 different floor load widths.
  • Intermediate floor bearer supporting triangular floor load width.
  • Intermediate roof/verandah beam supporting triangular roof load widths.

To download the latest version of the SmartFrame Design Software please following the link below.

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