Available now in Queensland, SmartLVL 16 has been developed specifically for frame and truss applications. Manufactured from 100% Birch, this newest LVL in the SmartFrame range provides better performance than traditional softwood LVLs.

The light hardwood veneers give it superior stiffness and strength, as well as superior nail plate tooth capacity; all while maintaining a similar weight to regular softwood LVL.

SmartLVL 16 is available H2S glue line treated as standard. This means preservative is evenly distributed through the full cross section of the beam, unlike envelope treatments. It can also be further treated to H2 LOSP and H3 standards as required.
To find out more about this latest innovation from SmartFrame, call our Technical Helpline on 1300 668 690 or speak to your local SmartFrame representative.


SL169035SmartFrame LVL16 90 x 35 mm Light Hardwood. 84 pieces per pack
SL1612035SmartFrame LVL16 120 x 35 mm Light Hardwood. 63 pieces per pack
SL1614035SmartFrame LVL16 140 x 35 mm Light Hardwood. 56 pieces per pack
SL1619035SmartFrame LVL16 190 x 35 mm Light Hardwood. 42 pieces per pack

Smart LVL16 Attachments

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