SmartLam GL13 beams are manufactured to AS/NZS 1328 by quality Glulam manufacturers, and have high strength, dimensional stability, great load carrying capacity and superior fire resistance.

Quality Assured

All SmartLam GL13 beams are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1328 Glue Laminated Structural Timber and the Glued Laminated Timber Association (GLTAA) Industry standard GLTAA-4-91.

 Appearance Grade Options

SmartLam GL13 are available in the following appearance grades

  • B Grade – Standard supply. Beams are dressed all round but voids not filled. Suitable for painting and framing applications.
  • A Grade – Premium finish. Beams are filled, sanded and plastic wrapped.  Ideal for clear staining/painting.

Pre-cambered vs. Straight

SmartLam GL13 beams are available pre-cambered to a radius of 600 metres, or Straight (Non Pre-Cambered).