High Performance

SmartLVL 15 and 14 are naturally engineered for strength. Our proprietary mix of veneers makes SmartLVL15 one of the strongest mass-produced LVL in the Australian market, meaning smaller cross sections for the same span properties as some common LVL sizes.

Biggest Range

SmartLVL offers the most comprehensive range in the market, with SmartLVL15 available in 42mm, 58mm and 75mm widths and a range of 15 different heights. SmartLVL14 is available in 35mm width and a range of 6 different heights.

Short-term Water repellent

SmartLVL 15 & 14 comes with a clear short-term water repellent. H20 Shield™ is a high penetrating water-based surface treatment, formulated to repel rain during storage and construction. H20 Shield™ is paintable with acrylic or oil based coatings, and glueable using standard construction adhesives.

Treatment Options

All SmartLVL products come as H2S treated as standard, for termite protection south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Other treatment options include:

  • H2 termite treatment for north of Tropic of Capricorn
  • H3 treatment against decay, termites and other insects