The use of LVL scaffold planks has become well established within the construction industry, due to their superior performance and robustness compared to conventional timber. SmartPlank scaffold planks are individually proof tested at the time of manufacture to confirm that each plank complies with the requirements of AS 1577. They are carefully packed, strapped and covered in weather proof wrap and stored in a dry environment, prior to be being dispatched to any site.

SmartPlank scaffold plank is only intended for use as a Scaffold plank – i.e. for support of persons equipment and materials on scaffold constructed and loaded as per relevant Australian Standard.

Use for any other purpose voids continued use as a scaffold plank – SmartPlank used for any other purpose (or subject to trauma) should: 1. Have edge labelling on both sides planed off 2. Be indelibly and permanently marked by painting or stencilling as no longer suitable as a scaffold plank.


ALL SmartPlanks undergo extensive proof testing within the factory prior to shipment. All SmartPlanks in service should undergo regular proof testing to ensure their structural integrity.

Subsequent proof test load should be twice the WLL and the plank should be tested with critical defects as near as possible to the load point but on the opposite face. For planks longer than their maximum span, and where there is no clearly defined suspect weak point, testing of planks in a number of positions and orientation is suggested.

Appendix B of AS 1577 sets out a method for determining the strengths of scaffold planks in bending. Users may develop their own test methods provided that this proof test method meets the requirements of the test as described in the above standard.