Tilliing Timber is the exclusive Australian licensee of Tecbeam Australasia, a proud Australian building products innovator, licensor and manufacturer. Its core technology is the TECBEAM® ‘I’ Beam/Joist, a unique, innovative light weight steel and timber composite structural beam.

The composite TECBEAM® ‘I’ Beam/Joist comprises a continuous light gauge galvanized steel web, with press formed stiffening ribs and uniformly spaced service holes, and structural timber flanges of LVL, fixed by nails and/or spikes to each side of the continuous steel web.

TECBEAM® joists demonstrate many superior performance characteristics when compared with other commonly used joists. They have been extensively tested and proven as a structural beam for use in all types of floor and roof construction in over a decade of supplying the competitive Victorian residential and commercial construction markets.

Structural floor and roof framing systems have been developed utilizing the unique properties of TECBEAM joists. Significant savings in the total cost of construction can be made when TECBEAM® joists are specified.

A TECBEAM® designed floor can often replace structural steel beams, this can amount to significant savings in time and cost. Ceiling plaster board and flooring materials can be fixed directly to the joist flanges, and most services can be installed through the web holes, including air conditioning ducts and large waste pipes, eliminating the need for tradesmen to cut holes in the beam web.


T259*L15TecBeam 246 mm depth. *0.8 mm & 1.0 mm steel web
T309*L15TecBeam 300 mm depth. *1.0 mm & 1.2 mm steel web
T367*L15TecBeam 360 mm depth. *1.0 mm & 1.2 mm steel web
T407*L15TecBeam 400 mm depth. *1.0 mm & 1.2 mm steel web
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