TECBEAM®is a composite structural I-beam which has a continuos galvanised steel web and LVL flanges resulting in a lightweight beam with structural properties more resembling those of a steel beam rather than a solid beam.

Structural Beam within the Floor Envelope
Unlike any other timber I-beams, the TecBeam can be used as a structural beam within a floor or roof solution. This unique property allows designers and detailers to realise structural solutions within the floor envelope. The use of TecBeams can often eliminate steel beams, with significant savings.

Point Loads
High concentrated loads can be placed anywhere along the flange because of the continuous steel web support and load sharing capabilities. With the ability to sustain between 10-15kN load, TecBeam joists are ideally suited to residential, commercial and industrial structures where there are high uniform and concentrated loads. The SmartFrame Design Centre staff are always available to assist with a solution.

Offset loads
TecBeam joists have proven performance in supporting large permanent loads such as tiled roofs, aerated concrete and screeded floors thanks to its rigidity and lower creep factor. The designer can take advantage of this feature to eliminate beams that would normally be used under load bearing walls.

Due to the unique web design, TecBeam® can be used to achieve cantilevers in two directions by running structural elements perpendicular to TecBeam cantilever joists.