Our exterior range of cladding is manufactured exclusively from PEFC Certified Western Red Cedar (Thujia plicata).  Western Red Cedar is rated as Class 2 under the Australian durability ratings, with a probable life expectancy of 15 –  40 years in above ground applications.  The timber has a high natural resistance to decay and termite attack, and is suitable for use in exposed, aggressive environments.

Tilling produces a range Western Red Cedar cladding profiles with true, straight grain. We remove defects to ensure premium quality claddings.  Light weight, easy to work with, easy to finish and possessing outstanding dimensional stability, Western Red Cedar is a preferred wood for nearly all cladding applications where attractive appearance and resistance to weather are important.

Natural colour tones range from light straw through buff and warm red to the occasional deep brown.  If left unfinished, all Western Red Cedar claddings will age gracefully to a silver finish without losing their weather resistant attributes.

All cladding products can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on the style you wish to achieve. See our detailed installation instructions for further details.