With our SmartRewards program you have the flexibility and freedom to choose how you'd like to be rewarded. When you begin earning points you can redeem them at the SmartRewards store for a range of great merchandise. Feel free to claim once eligible or save for a bigger reward, it’s up to you!


Earn SmartRewards points and redeem for merchandise by placing an order for SmartFrame’s SmartJoist floor systems through your building supplies merchant or fabricator. Just make sure your order is placed for a design that was prepared through SmartFrame’s Design Centre to be eligible.

You will be notified when you have enough redeemable points to begin claiming. Once you have enough points for the first reward level you can choose to claim or accumulate points to claim higher SmartRewards.

Eligibility is attained simply by sending through your details with a photo of your SmartJoist on site and advising in 25 words or less why you like SmartJoist.

The SmartRewards program runs from 1st July 2023 and ends on 31st December 2023. All orders that are invoiced between these dates will earn redeemable points.

To view all SmartRewards, and to see Terms and Conditions, please see below.

How it all works!

When you receive your layout from our Design Centre you will be notified of the potential points of the design, and a link to the SmartRewards site. View the details and great rewards on offer!


Order your SmartJoist floor system designed by the SmartFrame Design Centre through your building supplies merchant or fabricator and start earning SmartRewards points.


Use your SmartRewards points to purchase exciting items! To redeem your points simply send through an onsite photo of your floor system telling us in 25 words or less why you love SmartJoist.

Start rewarding yourself today!
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Rewards Store
BRONZE Level Rewards 35,000+ Points
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35,000 points
SILVER Level Rewards 70,000+ Points
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70,000 points
GOLD Level Rewards 140,000+ Points
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140,000 points
PLATINUM Level Rewards 280,000+ Points
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280,000 points
Terms and Conditions
  1. SmartRewards are available to Australian Residents who are licensed builders with an ABN, and do not have a current specification agreement with the Tilling Group.
  2. A minimum of 35,000 redeemable points must be earned before redemption of SmartRewards is possible.
  3. SmartRewards points are awarded for SmartJoist floor systems only.
  4. Redeemable points are earned when a SmartJoist floor system which has been designed by the SmartFrame Design Centre is purchased via the builder’s timber merchant or fabricator. A purchase is recognized when Tilling Timber invoices the timber merchant or fabricator for the floor system.
  5. The builder is required to send through an onsite photo of the purchased SmartJoist floor, their ABN and advise in 25 words or less why they love using SmartJoist.
  6. In submitting their photo, the builder agrees that Tilling may use the images, the builder’s comments and details on the Tilling website and in social media posts.
  7. SmartRewards points are capped at 140,000 potential points maximum for any one project. Conversion of partial material orders (e.g. for multi-residential) will generate SmartReward redeemable points on a pro rata basis.
  8. This offer is not valid with any other offer, including specific multi-residential, project or builder pricing, or other subsequently agreed to reward arrangements.
  9. The SmartRewards program starts 1/7/2023. SmartJoist floor systems must be invoiced within the period commencing 12:00am AEST on the 1/7/2023 and ending at 11.59pm AEST on the 31/12/2024.
  10. All SmartRewards Points must be redeemed by 11.59 AEST 31/01/2025. The SmartRewards items are listed at www.tilling.com.au/rewards and are subject to availability.
  11. Upon end of the promotion any accumulated points that haven’t been redeemed before 31-1-2021 become null and void, unless the promotional period is extended by Tilling Timber.
  12. Accumulated points are directly proportional to the quoted design value. If material quantities are varied at the time of ordering, the SmartReward points are adjusted upwards or downwards, proportional to the order’s variation from the original quotation.
  13. If the reselling merchant or fabricator removes products from the SmartFrame design when placing their order, SmartRewards points will be deducted proportional to the value of the original SmartFrame products deducted.
  14. Product images represented as reward items on the SmartRewards website or any printed SmartRewards material are representative only.
  15. SmartReward products are subject to availability; should an item specified in the SmartRewards Shop become unavailable and a substitute can’t be provided, the builder must choose another item at the same redemption level
  16. The most up to date SmartRewards range can be found on the SmartRewards website www.tilling.com.au/rewards
  17. Delivery delays due to the supplier availability of SmartRewards products may occur. The delivery time of rewards items is not within the control of Tilling Timber; however Tilling Timber will endeavour to ensure items are delivered in a timely manner.
  18. SmartRewards points are not transferable, and may not be used in exchange for any other product, service or benefit other than SmartRewards products