2 January 2019

Melisi Projects

How far can you go when removing steel bracing from a narrow residential house design?  This was the…

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11 December 2018

Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre

The Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre and Integrated Family Centre promises to be a stunning space.  These two co-located community…

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31 October 2018

Big V House

Engineered timber is not something that first springs to mind when considering a build within a bushfire attack…

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4 September 2018

New SmartLam GL17S Design Guide

The design guide and it’s associated load tables assist in the selection of SmartLam GL17S for some of…

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12 February 2018

Two New Tilling SmartFrame Product Innovations

The first is our SJ255 set-down joist. Increasingly, builders want to continue tiles across the bathroom floor into…

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13 December 2017

Brownstones Case Study – Revolutionary Design & Style

For under $300k fully finished including land, affordability and style are unique points of difference for this build,…

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