Cost effective, convenient and high performing, the Tilling range of SmartJoist spans further than any other I-Joist available on the market.

The key 240mm and 300mm heights each have four joist sizes available. This gives builders the ability to choose the optimum – and most cost effective – I-Joist for their floor system.

Best Performance

The Tilling range of SmartJoist outspans all other I-Joist of similar depth and flange width on the market. The strength is in the engineering; Strong. Stiff. Reliable. SmartJoists are engineered for heavy performance. We start with untrasonically graded LVL, bonded with exterior adhesive for more load carrying capacity. The webs are made from stable, strong Oriented Strand Board (OSB) for superior strength and consistent performance. All material is H2S treated.

Biggest Range

SmartJoist offers the most comprehensive range in the market, with 200mm, 240mm, 300mm, 360mm and 400mm heights available. The key 240mm and 300mm heights each have four joist sizes available, so builders can choose the optimum I-Joist for their floor system. And Tilling provides

Convenience of service penetrations

All SmartJoist products include a 40mm knock-out hole at 500mm centres along the web, for small diameter services or wiring. Larger service holes can easily be accommodated. Tilling Timber runs CNC machinery to provide pre-cut service penetrations in SmartJoist.
For the ultimate in convenience, the SmartFrame Design Centre can design floor systems from engineering and architectural drawings. This approach provides accuracy, efficiency and peace of mind for any builder. A clear, easy to read colour A3 layout is provided along with an installation guide, and the SmartJoist is supplied labelled and with pre-cut penetrations cut in the web of all SmartJoist.

To learn more about the benefits of using SmartJoist with pre-cut penetrations please refer to the SmartJoist Design Guide below, download the Tilling Smartphone App, or contact your local Tilling Timber office.


SJ20044H2S200 x 44 mm SmartJoist
SJ24040H2S240 x 40 mm SmartJoist
SJ24051H2S240 x 51 mm SmartJoist
SJ24070H2S240 x 70 mm SmartJoist
SJ24090H2S240 x 90 mm SmartJoist
SJ25570H2S255 x 70mm SmartJoist for Wet Area Set-Down
SJ30040H2S300 x 40 mm SmartJoist
SJ30051H2S300 x 51 mm SmartJoist
SJ30070H2S300 x 70 mm SmartJoist
SJ30090H2S300 x 90 mm SmartJoist
SP30095H2S300 x 95 mm SpanPlus Joist
SJ36058H2S360 x 58 mm SmartJoist
SJ36090H2S360 x 90 mm SmartJoist
SJ40090H2S400 x 90 mm SmartJoist
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