Short term water repellency

SmartLVL13 comes with a clear new generation short term water repellency H2O Shield™ to replace the old fashioned wax sealers used by most other LVL manufacturers. H2O Shield™ is a water-based sealer specifically formulated and exclusively licensed in Australia to Tilling Timber Pty Ltd.

H2O™ shield offers numerous key benefits:

  1. High-penetrating surface treatment
  2. Formulated to repel rain during storage and construction
  3. Includes a biocide/fungicide
  4. Paintable – acrylic and oil based coatings
  5. Glueable – using standard construction adhesives between the LVL and wood or plaster products
  6. When transporting or walking on the LVL, it does not become slippery like the wax surface coating
  7. Environmentally friendly

Preservative Treatment options

Stock SmartLVL13 is H2s (glue line) treated for use South of the Tropic of Capricorn. It can be post- production pressure treated to H2 or H3 to AS/NZS 1604.4.