Cost effective, convenient and high performing, the Tilling range of SmartJoist spans further than any other I-Joist available on the market.

SJ25570 Set-Down Joist

The SJ255 set-down joist creates a 45mm step in the floor; whether it’s just for the shower enclosure, or for an entire wet area. The SJ255’s high strength web and long spans allow greater design flexibility for builders than ever…

SmartFrame SpanPlus

Introducing a new “BIG BROTHER” to the largest range of longest spanning wood I-Joists in Australia

SmartLVL 15

SmartLVL15 is the smallest and lightest Laminated Veneer Lumber in the Australian market. SmartLVL 15 is naturally engineered for strength, allows smaller cross sections for the same properties as some common LVL. Please see the Attachments tab on this page…

Red Alert

Termites see RED when they meet SmartGuard termite resistant LVL Available exclusively for the NSW market, Red Alert is a H2S treated LVL used for Bearers and Joists. No twists, no warps and no shrinkage Coloured “Red” for easy identification…

Smart LVL16

Available now in Queensland, SmartLVL 16 has been developed specifically for frame and truss applications. Manufactured from 100% Birch, this newest LVL in the SmartFrame range provides better performance than traditional softwood LVLs.

SmartLVL 19

SmartLVL 19 is a structural Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) manufactured for Tilling Timber to meet the quality controlled process requirements of AS/NZS 4357 – Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber by a toll manufacturer. BENEFITS OF SmartLVL19 PRESERVATIVE TREATMENT OPTION – Stock…


Tilliing Timber is the exclusive Australian licensee of Tecbeam Australasia, a proud Australian building products innovator, licensor and manufacturer. Its core technology is the TECBEAM® ‘I’ Beam/Joist, a unique, innovative light weight steel and timber composite structural beam. The composite…


SmartRafter™ is a new engineered wood product developed by Timber Imagineering and licensed to Tilling Timber Pty Ltd. It combines highly reliable plywood and LVL to form a composite ‘C’ section beam. The composite beam allows an economical formation of…


SmartEdge is a lightweight laminated veneer lumber, engineered wood product utilised in concrete construction applications. The cross lamination of the layered veneers provides a protective mechanism, preventing an active capillary effect on the inside wall reducing the effects of cupping….


SmartForm 11.7 LVL is a structural laminated veneer lumber (LVL), manufactured to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4357 – Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber. It is produced in industry standard sizes, painted safety yellow for easy visual identification, and is intended…


SmartPlank is a lightweight yet robust structural Laminated Veneer lumber (LVL) manufactured to AS/NZS 4357, sized and engineered to meet or exceed the performance requirements for scaffold planks as defined in AS 1577 Scaffold Planks. The use of LVL scaffold…

SmartLam GL13

SmartLam GL13 beams are manufactured to AS/NZS 1328 by quality Glulam manufacturers.

SmartLam GL17

SmartLam GL17 beams are manufactured to AS/NZS 1328 by quality Glulam manufacturers.

SmartLam GL18

SmartLam GL18 beams are manufactured to AS/NZS 1328 by quality Glulam manufacturers. SmartLam GL18 Glulam beams are engineered timber products with high strength, dimensional stability, great load carrying capacity, superior fire resistance, and are manufactured from select quality Australian Hardwood….


The affordable Premium lightweight timber framed floor system that feels like a concrete floor.

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