Tilling introduces Red Alert Wall LVL 12 to product range

12 November 2019
The Australian climate has always posed a challenge for the performance of softwood framing, particularly in areas facing extremes of temperature and dry winds. Both Radiata Pine and imported framing have stability issues when exposed to extreme climatic conditions at frame stage. For many years the industry has sought a highly stable and consistently performing framing solution. The Tilling Group has recently introduced an engineered wood product that provides a stable, straight and consistent solution to this challenge.

The Red Alert Wall LVL 12 has been introduced to the Tilling SmartFrame range and can provide the stability benefit that builders need. There is a segment of premium and commercial builders that are demanding high quality framing in more challenging structural applications. The stability LVL 12 provides means that the need for packing and straightening during the build is eliminated. Builders who place high importance on time priority prefer Red Alert Wall because it’s very specific properties provide significant time saving benefits.

Red Alert Wall can be a complete replacement of MGP 10 and MGP 12 and its increased capacity may allow for wider stud spacing and smaller jamb studs. These remarkable benefits mean that the use of LVL in place of pine framing in projects has the potential to be cost neutral.

Leon Quinn, National Sales and Marketing Manager says, “Whilst the Red Alert Wall LVL 12 will always be at a higher price point than softwood framing there is no doubt some builders have a need for higher performing, more stable, engineered framing, and don’t mind paying a premium for this.”

The product is already performing on building sites throughout QLD and Victoria. Early feedback from both fabricators and builders alike has been extremely positive. The striking Red Wall framing stands out on the building site as the mark of a quality build.

With the addition of this game changing product, Tilling SmartFrame continues to provide more choice to the Frame and Truss Trader.

Red Alert Wall LVL 12 comes in the following sizes:

70mm x 35mm
90mm x 35mm (this is the only size available in Victoria)
140mm x 35mm
190mm x 35mm

Please contact your Tilling representative for more information on this exciting new product.

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