Software Compliance

Tilling Timber – SmartFrame Design Software – Version 14.04

Certification of Compliance Document

We wish to certify that the Tilling Timber’s Software Development Quality Assurance Manual, May 2019 has been prepared in accordance with the Australian Building Codes Board’s Protocol for Structural Software Version 2011.1.

The Tilling Timber – SmartFrame Design Software – Version 14.04 structural software relates to the structural framing system of a building or structure, such as floor, roof and wall elements within the ABCB’s protocol’s limitations.

Tilling Timber – SmartFrame Design Software Compliance Document also describes the management of essential elements of the software, including its scope, limitation, and where necessary, any interpretation of NCC reference documents. The document also states the required qualifications for the Software operators and the available training for users. Also, there is a list of validation and quality assurance processes for the Software in accordance with this Protocol.

The period of the certification is from 1 May 2019 to 30 April 2022 or, until a new version of either the software is available, or ABCB’s Protocol for structural Software is published.

Andrew Dunn Chief Executive Officer BE (civil/structural), MTE

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