Knowledge Base

The Tilling Group is unique among Engineered Wood Product wholesalers and distributors in that our entire knowledge base has been developed by us.  Unlike other wholesalers who are reliant on design guides and software from third parties, the Tilling Group has total control over its own engineering, product recipes, and design teams.

We have the skills and knowledge in-house to quickly develop and release the highest performing and most innovative light framing solutions in our market segment. As our new products are released to market, they are fully incorporated into our own Design Software, and equally importantly stocked in our five major distribution centres across the country.  We can also respond quickly to changes in state building codes by updating our Design Software. This means users can be confident they have access to the most innovative products that are available and fully supported.

Our entire catalog of Design Guides, Installation Guides, Connection Details and Software is available to download within these Knowledge Base pages.  You can also request printed copies of materials or a handy SmartPass USB card containing the entire catalog from any of our offices around Australia.

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